Login Instructions for Screening

Note: The information is indicative and not of the actual festival in motion. Please read it in the current context.

1. If you're not already there, navigate to the "SCHEDULE 2021" link from the Golden Gate Festival Homepage.

2. That should take you to the Festival Schedule page. Here, the movies are grouped into screening slots. Each slot has the list of movies screened in that slot.

3. Each ticket you purchased is valid only for the respective slot you purchased it for. It will not work for any other slot. However, if you purchased a Festival Pass/Ticket, it is valid for all slots screened in the festival. Identify the slot for which you have purchased the ticket for and click the screening button.

4. The slots will open 5 minutes before the Screening start time for that slot and remain open until the end of that slot. It will bring you back to the screening page if you try to login outside of the slot time.

During the screening time, you'll be presented with a login pop-up box on clicking the Screening button. Here, type the Email address where you have received the tickets and the Barcode printed on the ticket (or in the email) to authenticate yourself.

5. If authentication is successful, you'll be taken to the screening page.